ICE Kills Armed Man Outside Tacoma Detention Center

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The man in Tacoma, Washington attacked the Northwest Detention Center, throwing an incendiary device early Saturday morning at the facility.

Police shot and fatally injured a male protester outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Facility in Washington State Saturday, local media outlets reported, after the unidentified man set a police car on fire.


Mass Protests in US Demand End of Immigrant Detention Centers

Amed with a rifle, the unidentified man stood outside the Tacoma’s Northwest Detention Center at 4 a.m. Saturday and threw an incendiary device that set a police vehicle on fire parked outside the facility.

Officers were without body cameras during the incident and its unsure which and how many shots were fired by the man or the police, official spokeswoman Loretta Cool said, noting the event was captured by the center’s surveillance cameras.

The man’s identity is still unknown, but the “medical examiner will release the identity of the victim when it is appropriate,” Cool said.

No officers were injured from the event and the four agents involved have been placed on administrative leave, per the department’s policies.

The death comes six hours after a peaceful protest was held outside the facility where nearly 1,500 migrants and aslyum seekers are being detained.

This particular center has hosted numerous hunger strikes for better food and adequate medical care denied to them by the federal government that has been holding migrants indefinately in squalid conditions in similar centers across the country. 

In many cities throughout the U.S. this weekend, and in parts of Mexico, Australia and Costa Rica, protests are taking place as demonstrators demand the immigration detention centers cloe and their human and civil rights be upheld.