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Strikes Spread Across Honduras as Taxi Drivers Join Protesters

Taxis are protesting the Land Transport Law reform which will increase the cost of fuel and permit renewals.

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The Honduran Association of Taxis (Ataxis) is the latest group to join the protests that have been spreading throughout Honduras, announcing plans continue their strike Thursday to demand that subsidies from the federal government match those of other urban public transport drivers.

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Honduras Gov’t Backtracks on Neoliberal Laws Amid Large Strike

Association members are contesting the Land Transport Law reform which will increase the cost of fuel and permit renewals.

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Victor Aguilar, President of the Association of Taxi Drivers, said, “If they do not comply, we will strike on Thursday … in the past we had conflict, we did not reach an agreement; we did not sign anything with the government.”

Although they are the only taxi organization holding a strike, they will not be alone in the streets.

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Teachers, students, and doctors  have been demonstrating for weeks, rejecting the privatization of health and education sectors promoted by the Juan Orlando Hernandez administration. Ending police brutality against protesters has also been added to their list of demands as well as impartial investigations into those cases

A demonstration Monday led to violence after police and military personnel attempted to control protesters using aggressive tactics. Acts of vandalism have ignited, inflaming the large-scale protests and causing further chaos

Early Tuesday morning, seven parked cars were set ablaze outside a transport company in San Pedro Sula. Firemen managed to control the roaring flames and prevent any explosions. No culprits have been found, although some investigations are underway

This case comes just a week after a similar event took place in Colon, when 62 vehicles and transportation containers belonging to another large transportation company were set aflame, causing some US$1,555,074.00 in damage